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„The desire to create original and meaningful products opened the way to an artisan craft for us. “

Workshop Ogarbags is a place with irreplaceable smell of bee wax, wood and first of all leather. Is it a place where we can create and work everyday with the highest precision on our projects, and that is what we love and what fulfills us. In the workshop are created timelessness designed pieces from natural material such as wook and leather. Therefor from substances that are in their simplicity not only beautiful but also longlasting and they dont create a useless ecological footprint.

Emphasis is placed on details, handmade sewing of saddler’s stitch, precise on grinding each edge to the highest smoothness and shinest possible, these are the main characters of handbags from Ogarbags. At the same time we are following up on long family traditions starting with our grandpa and greatgrandpas. We love working with our hands and our mind.